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We’ve had this shot up on the web site before and actually have had requests for it to come back so here it is. This was taken at Eastex Dragway in 1984 at the last round of qualifying for the Original Texas Hog Rally. On the left is "Burn-out" Blanton, Red Roberts next (he says he was low qualifier), Paul Jones, Bonnie Truett, Bo Steading is next on the fuel sportster that Dee Elliott has now. Johnny Mancuso is in the white leathers on his funnyglide, Ike Shelton who owned Show & Go Cycle at the time, KT’s original partner Rodney on "ol yeller", Jim Reese’s Oklahoma City bike, & the last dude I’ve forgot his name - guess that’s what happens when you don’t come out for 15 years - huh
This was my first "fueler" in 1973, a 114" Shovelhead in a Chapman Chassis. That sucker would do everything but go straight down the track, note the lead on the front

downtubes to hold the front end down., no wheelie bars back then !! This was taken at Truett & Osborn’s race just before I got beat by Teddy Sondregger from St. Louis.
This is
Ray Willett
when we had
Eastex Dragway
just North of Houston
in the early ‘90’s. He
was our full time
Announcer and now
he’s the Texas Style
Party Drags Tower Boss.

Me riding Bonnie
Truett’s Sportster in the early 80’s
at Gulfport after the "first" time he retired. I think
that this is the one that was Mike Romine’s first dragster.

This was Bonnie Truett’s
double engine Sportster in
about 1974. This thing
was definately a handfull..
I’ve seen this digger
with the front end 4’ up in the
air !!!! yyyyyyyyyeeeeeee
This is
Ed Mastronunzio,
Slo' John and Me coming
back from a lap in Temple. We
used this old trike, kept the batteries
and the starter in the trunk, had a rack on
the back and this is how we would pull it around. Worked like a champ. Notice there are still no wheelie bars on "The Spook". This was probably around '75-'76.

R.W. Handley, one of the “Original” Harley Balladeers - shown here in the early ‘80’s playing a Swap Meet we did in a San Antonio. RW is still a solo act at Temple every year and is enjoyed everywhere he shows up.

Owens in his
prime. This
is a late 70’s promo
picture shot in England
when the likeable Okie went over and
whupped the best they had,MO’s
prime being 10 time National Champion,
Not winning 10 National Races mind you but
Winning the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP of various racing or
ganizations 10 times. He beat me EVERY time we ever raced. He not only had natural talent and a lot of seat time (he used to run enduro’s back in Oklahoma with a rigid panhead) but Mo was very religious then and was absolutel not afraid of death, tell me that ain’t a handy trait to have when you got yourass beat up as much as he did riding those fuelers.

I’m pretty sure
this was “little Dougie’s”
bike out of New Mexico. He used
to come to Temple following Jerry
Cox and some of the other “Big Racers” from New Mexico. I think he’s still racin’ too, but don’t see him at the “Party Drags” no more.

Texas Hog Rally winners shots about '82 or so. Thats Marion Owens on the extreme Left and on the extreme Right is Lenny Jakab from Grand Prairie. His son still brings out thet old sportster to the "Party Drags".
This was my first/last/only Sportster Dragster. I bought it off Marion Owens in ‘75. It was a 3 1/2 X 5 900 cased yetman chassis that would run 10.20’s at
close to 130 which was pretty good back then.
However, I also
kept a high gear fueler back then that was faster. After about 50 passes the front connecting rod broke up close to the wristpin, slung around and took out the transmission too. I kinda lost interest in Sportsters after that.

Lou Skopic bent
over thrashing on his
record holdin’ XX/M. 25 years
ago this fellow was the baddest of the bad on big inch gas Sportsters. His tire-wiper in the funny beanie named Lonnie (something) I’ve heard is still involved in the sport - somehow.