2353 Santa Anna # 32
Dallas, Texas 75228
email - trinitysteve@att.net
Mid October, Steve working on top rails
Steve Triplett, Red Roberts with saw, Paul Jones, Early October "Chassis Cuttin" Party
3rd Week iin October - Ready to come out & back apart to make brackets
A true Craftsman plies his trade on the east side of Dallas. His business card motto reads “Integrity In Motion” and with this writer having personally known this Craftsman for almost 20 years and currently in the process of trusting his workmanship WITH MY LIFE - I feel confident telling anyone that reads this, “Steve Triplett ain’t kiddin’ about that Motto.

Trinity Frame & Fab has been located for almost the last decade at 2353 Santa Anna #32, just off Shiloh Road a half mile or so inside of 635. It’s a “labor of love” sort of place for Steve who along with his very capable finish welder and fabricator employee Ryan Nelson “works magic with metal” with a BIG DOSE of Harley Davidson thrown right in the middle of it.

Last Summer, when Paul Jones and I decided to add another motor in front of the one already in my old shovelhead dragster, Steve Triplett’s name was at the top of our list to handle the frame work. Just as soon as everybody had recovered from the 30th AND FINAL Labor Day Weekend Temple “All Harley” Party Drags, Paul got the dragster stripped to the bare frame and in Early October a “chassis cutting party” at Steve’s had the dragster frame bolted to his frame table and me standing over it with a 2 handed band saw!!! With much photo taking and joking, I did what I’d wanted to do for 14 years and SLICED THAT FRAME IN HALF… It was same thing as when they break the champagne bottle on the bow of a new ship. It was the ceremonial start to the building of the twin engine shovelhead that I’d always wanted.

When it was done - I got off the frame table & handed Steve back his saw. I believe I said something like, “OK - The rest of it is up to you!!” AND I AIN’T WORRIED ABOUT IT SINCE!! ‘Cause I know this guy.

Steve Triplett has been “fixing the unfixable” on his own for over 2 decades in Dallas now. Starting on Harley Davidsons twisting wrenches for Eddie Conley in the late 70’s, Steve realized that his favorite part of motorcycling was metal working. He liked to build things out of metal. He liked to fix things made of metal and he wanted to learn how to be GOOD at fixing things made of metal.

So in the early 80’s Steve went the Genuine Old School Way to becoming a Craftsman. Just like Craftsmen have been turned out for thousands of years - he Apprenticed himself and moved to Austin to work with legendary metal worker Brian Brown. It was 8 years of schooling for someone that was already “pretty good”. If a person had gone to College for that long they’d have had “DOCTOR” in front of his name… I was in his shop for quite a while the other day looking at his work - and if it was MY call - Doctor Triplett would be cool with me. Thinking about it… Most of the other people I trust my life to are named Doctor this or Doctor that. So as I’m confident that the 400 horsepower that the 2 93” shovelheads we’re stuffing into the frame that he’s modified will hold up and not get anyone hurt because of his work… I have no problem calling him DOCTOR..

For a little more detail now, Trinity Frame & Fab specializes in frame straightening and modifications. When asked about how many frames he’s brought back to usefulness during his career, that was the only time during my afternoon visit that I didn’t get a direct confident answer back to any question I threw at him. After much thought he decided that it was, “More than hundreds but probably less than 10,000 - Somewhere in the mid thousands at least!!”

His equipment is modern and orderly as are his tools and the rest of his shop. Mills, lathes, saws, presses and normal machine shop metal working equipment are complimented by the latest in welders. The largest Miller welder sold sets next to his digital Miller welder for his touchiest jobs. (While looking at his welders - I quipped about a welder I’d heard of that used a beer can welded back together to show his skill. - Steve had a pair of razor blades that he’d butt welded to make a “T” running a bead down both sides.. Contest Over!!).

For our dragster project he used a computerized pipe bender so one piece of pipe with several compound bends made each side of the frame rails - It couldn’t have been any “tricker” or stronger. Among other things Doctor Triplett is capable of doing is Parkerizing a metal infusion of color without buildup process that is seldom seen outside the firearms industry. (Our frame was ready to take back to Paul’s shop in just over 2 weeks - it’ll go back to Steve to do the finish welding on the brackets later and should make shakedown runs when the tracks open in February after their winter break)………

So - if people haven’t guessed yet - We recommend Trinity Frame & Fab for any type of work needed in this style… trinitysteve@att.net or 214-475-0068. His website is www.trinityframe.com and like everybody else on the planet he can be reached thru Facebook too..