…Just down I-35E from Dallas is Waxahachie, Ellis County’s County Seat and about a block northwest of the downtown Courthouse is Tire Town Inc, a well thought of family operated business for over 30 years. Owned by Kimberly Butler, her brother Phillip Crouch runs Phillip’s Garage in the building next door where Jocko Mitchell’s Nitro Harley is wrenched out of.

…Kimberly’s Tire Town Inc. is a Cooper Tire Dealer, however she runs an independent tire store which means she can get pretty well any brand of tire her customers want and with her brother twisting the wrenches next door for one of Texas’ most consistent fuel bikes around for quite a few years now - she’s got a pretty good reputation for being able to understand drag slicks too.

…Phillip rode a many a lap on Import drag bikes over the years and still jumps on Jocko’s digger every once in a while if they’re having a problem that he needs to experience for himself or if he just wants to keep his hand in. If there’s a suspected tire issue, he knows help is just next door.

…Over the years, lots of other racers in the area have “gotten hip” to the fact that Kimberly is a well respected GOOD CUSTOMER of MANY tire distributors and they will go out of their way to keep in her “good graces” and they ship her FRESH slicks as quick as possible.

…Kimberly has pretty well settled on Goodyear Racing Tires now and instead of trying to guess what to stock and hope it sells before fresher tires come out of the molds - she orders exactly what size and compound and sidewall stiffness each racer requests. Her list of drag bike customers looks like a Top Fuel Qualifying Sheet at any recent T.S.T. race.

…And as the photo’s show, this lady don’t run one of those “women owned businesses” whose owner sits behind a desk and makes the “hired hands” do the work. When a racer comes in with a light Centerline Wheel to put a slick on that’s built with a tough tight no slip bead, it’s Kimberly herself that runs the tire machine properly putting that 30 plus years experience towards not cutting that bead or bending the rim.

…Tire Town Inc. not only treats the racers right BUT GIVES BACK TO THE SPORT too. Part of the purse for Consolation Top Fuel at the last 2 years Temple “All Harley” Party Drags was donated by Kimberly’s business - And she’ll go to the track - and root for home team and watch how everybody’s slicks are acting too.

…SO - As a wise man once said, “Support Those Who Support YOU.” And whether anyone needs a tire for anything from their FUEL BURNER to their families daily driver or anything inbetween or if folks just like to do business with a local family operation that honestly cares about their customers instead of some national chain store - go to 300 Water Street in downtown Waxahachie. Folks’ll probably still be checking out the historic old buildings in downtown Waxahachie when their tires are ready - and want to come back again - for several reasons..

…Contact Kimberly at kim4568@att.net Their site is tiretownwaxa.com, her number is 972-937-1100 and they’re at the corner of Water & Elm Streets.

Phone 972-937-1100

300 Water Street,
Waxahachie, TX 75165

Kimberly Butler
Tire Town (Left) Phillips Garage (Right)